ECIM'2013 - 16th. to 18th. September in Haugesund


Plenary and Workstream Themes


Plenary Sessions.

Plenary sessions will have focus on global trends, key challenges and value creation from successful methodologies, use cases and best practices seen from a business perspective.


Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

In this workstream we would like to address how different organizations have faced their Enterprise  Information Management challenges with the focus on information management across businesses and functions, life-cycle data management and Master Data Management.  Keywords: Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture, Meta & Master data, Data Quality, Planning, Processes, IM Governance, Benchmarking, Lean processes, etc.


Geographical Information Data Management (GIS).

The focus will be on spatial data management good practice and the dissemination of geo-information across the entire corporation - including via web mapping & cloud services. Presentations are sought that illustrate use case examples throughout the industry lifecycle, in E/D/P, HSE, pipelines & infrastructure, etc. The ECIM GIS User Forum will continue to host a workshop - subject tbc (task automation & scripting, managing global datasets, & license/ concession management are potential subjects).


Collaboration and Standardization.
A number of standardization organizations and collaborative initiatives play a key role in various aspects of E&P data management on both a regional and global level. It is important that data managers are kept up to date with ongoing initiatives. The workstream will focus on communicating the last year improvements in this area with a specific focus on standardization and give participants the opportunity to interact directly with some of the main organizations.

Drilling, Production and Reservoir Data Management.
The workstream focus will be on case studies, experiences and best practice around the well's workflow and Data Management during drilling, well intervention, reservoir management, production optimization and well abandonment. New technology is increasing the amount of data from the wellbore and the reservoir. The business is highly focused on cost and time which drives the requirement for high quality data and strong data management to support effective and optimized day-to-day operations

Exploration & Development Data Management.
This workstream covers both conventional and unconventional data. It will explore case studies and practical workflows to show how data management can facilitate current usage of new and legacy data but also preserve data for the future. Today's newly acquired data is tomorrow's legacy. Are we doing enough to preserve the data for future re-working.


Products & Services.

Main focus for Vendor & services Workstream is best practices, new methodologies, use cases, services and products. (Exhibitors will have preference for this workstream).


Landmark and Schlumberger

Landmark and Schlumberger have dedicated rooms for presentations and workshops. 


General Information.

Each workstream session will last for 45 minutes including discussions and A&Q. The plenum sessions will last for 25 minutes including Q&A (optional).



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