ECIM 2019 - 16th. to 18th. September in Haugesund

'Digital Transformation - from Vision to Reality'


Work Stream Program


Work Stream program 2019 includes parallell sessions with more than 60 papers / presentations.

Each work stream will have a maximum of 8 presentations, 5 on tuesday 17th. and 3 on wednesday 18th. The presentations start and end at the same time for all the parallell work streams. Each presentation is expected to last for about 25 minutes and the remaining 20 minutes are for Q&A and discussions.


WS Room A: Adoption & Operationalizing

- Session Manager: Daniel Brown, CEO, CDA

Program Tuesday

12:30  Data as an enterprise asset in Equinor
- Kjetil Rønning, Head of Enterprise Data Management, Equinor
How Equinor has developed its data strategy and enterprise data management practice to enable improved business performance through digitalization.

13:30  Data Driven Decision Making – Putting data management where it hurts!
- Ed Evans, MD, NDB Upstream
Focusing on business decisions means that we follow business value and focus on business priorities. This means better business engagement and a more focused, yet flexible, agenda for raising data quality. 

14:30  Petoro’s digitalisation journey
- Åge Helgeland, IT-sjef / Mark Nyberg, Senior Konsulent, Petoro AS
From idea to reality for the Petoro datawarehouse (Tora). From Silos to common data. Challenges on masterdata, documentation and data governance.  Experience from changes in workprocesses.

15:30  Why is it so hard to do digital transformation in Upstream?
- Jane McConnell, Practice Partner Oil and Gas, Teradata
- Ivar Leander Johannessen Sørheim, Analyst Enterprise Data Management, Equinor

To succeed in implementing enterprise data management in Upstream (or any industrial and scientific organization) and realize business value, the very different worlds of business data, facilities data, and scientific data must be brought together. We will explore the cultural and organizational differences and the data management capabilities needed to succeed.

16:30  The digital transformation of the workforce: Integrating digital immigrants and natives
- Karen Blohm, Digital Solutions / Diskos Programme Manager, Smart Data Solutions
- Kerry Blinston, VP Smart Data Solutions

Given the truly transformational environments we’re establishing, what actions are we taking to support and further develop the skills and mind sets required of today’s dm teams.  How are we adapting to the changing needs, in terms of the types and breadth of activities, adoption of new platforms, technology services and analytical capabilities and catering for the range of roles and generational work styles.

Program Wednesday

08:30  The Speed of Business Depends on Clarity
- Elizabeth Patock, Director Sales & Customer Care, IHS Market, PPDM UK Regional Leadership Team
What happens when the words you use don’t mean what you think they mean?

09:30  Data Management 2.0
- Sune Jensen, Data Manager, Energinet
What are the requirements of a Data Manager today?
How do we adjust to new technologies and working methods?

10:30  Unlocking the value of unstructured data using data science
- Attila Balazs, Principal Consultant, Sword Venture
- How tools and techniques of data science can help unlock the value of data from unstructured formats.

WS Room E: Standards & Collaborations

 - Session Manager: Maria Juul and Elin Aabø Lorentzen, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)

Program Tuesday

12:30  Sharing of Data for Mutual Benefit
- Anne Skjærstein, Reservoir Engineering Manager, Lundin Norway
Lundin Norway is sharing all data from Edvard Grieg field with IOR center.

13:30  The UK National Data Repository
- Michael Smith, Solutions Architect, Schlumberger

An overview of the technical design and development activities, including highlights and challenges encountered, leading to the release and launch of the UK NDR in March 2019.

14:30  Diskos National Data Repository – Operational status and status for the Diskos tender
- Eric Toogood: Diskos Manager,  Elin Lorentzen: Diskos Deputy Manager, NPD
  Karen Blohm: Digital Solutions / Diskos Programme Manager, CGG

Operational highlights will be presented including implementation of updated technology environment and end user interface.  We will provide insight into the current planning process for the development of Diskos in the future.

15:30  The JSON Well Log Format
- Jacob Dreyer, CEO, Petroware AS
A modern alternative to the arcane log formats (DLIS, LIS, LAS etc.) of the oil industry.

16:30  Released wells project - from bag to digital data
- Malgorzata Kusak, Project Manager “Released wells project”, Norsk Olje og Gass
Revitalisation of old data (cutting samples) - Get digital data from all released wells on NCS accessible-ready to use in “big data” projects.

Program Wednesday

09:30  The New Data Dialogue - Towards Agile, Trusted-Data Repositories
- Matthias Hartung, President Digital Transformation, Target Energy Solutions LLC
Or How to make Digital Transformation Work.

10:30  New ways of sharing and working with production and drilling data

           on the NCS in a collaborative environment
- Magnus Svensson, Domain manager / E&P Subsurface responsible, Norsk Olje & Gass
How to harvest the potential of the production and drilling data as shared on the NCS using a common data sharing platform available for all operators and partners on the NCS.

WS Room C: Spatial Analytics - GIS

- Session Manager: Lorien Innes, ESRI

Program Tuesday

12:30  GIS and Open Data at the Oil and Gas Authority
- Zahir Ibrahim, Senior Geospatial Manager, Oil and Gas Authority

13:30  NPD facts – new services and possibilities
- Tobias Pfeifer, Principal Engineer - GIS/Data Management, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)
An overview of NPD’s new and updated factpages and factmaps.

14:30  Open data portal for the emerging oil & gas industry

          - A case study of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
- Robert Kwami, Database administrator, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
Unifying various Datasets and Technologies for Petroleum Data Management.

15:30  Seismic Data Portal
- Sven Blumenstein & Filiz Demirel-Schlueter, Senior Project Lead GIS/IM, Wintershall DEA
Wintershall DEA’s webmap solution for a new hybrid corporate seismic database.

16:30  Easy and fast access to DISKOS data by use of new GIS interface
- Erik Hochweller, Service Delivery and Operations Manager, Kadme
DISKOS is being used as a starting/reference point for companies. Understanding graphically where and what a company has access to is critical for Data managers to ensure that their company has all the necessary data.

Program Wednesday

09:30  20 years of FishSAFE
- Richard Salway, Well Data Manager, CDA
Collecting and sharing infrastructure and pipelines summary information from oil and gas activities to keep the fishermen safe.

10:30  Making industry data available through geospatial dashboards

- Nina Winter-Hjelm, Technical Advisor, Geodata AS
  Siri Clemet, GIS Analyst, Spirit Energy

Use geography as a lookup tool for getting updated information and exploring the wealth of open data.

WS Room G: Data Engineering & Automation

- Session Manager: Eirik Time, Equinor

Program Tuesday

12:30  Automated multidisciplinary information extraction from documents
- Dejan Zamurovic, Data Engineer, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.
Project AMIE: A data-stream design that automates document categorization and information extraction, with interdisciplinary scalability. Current reach of the data stream: Exploration, Drilling, Legal.

13:30  How deep learning and computer vision also help subsurface data managers
- Henri Blondelle, Co-Founder, AgileDD
Indexing lithological information on composite logs using a CNN.

14:30  Digitalization challenges with inadequate industry standards
- Bjarne Rosvoll Bøklepp, Leading Advisor Petrophysical Operations, Equinor
How shortcomings in current industry standards for subsurface data reporting inhibits digitalization and leads to data loss, dispersion and reduction in data quality and integrity.

15:30  Advance data analytics in E&P project:  Why a human-in-theloop

            is so important and how to fail fast
- Henri Stubbe, Consultant Data Analytics, PwC / Peter Kronberger, Reservoir Engineer, Wintershall DEA

Project experiences from a recent advanced data analytics project with an E&P client.

16:30  Update Structural Models in Real time while Drilling using Machine Learning
- Sunil Garg, CEO, Datavedik
presentation and demonstration will focus on a machine learning workflow in the upstream Oil and Gas domain to predict formation tops by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to learn the well logs signatures.

Program Wednesday

08:30  Using Automatically Updated DISKOS Data to Improve Data Quality in Petrel/Studio

          – Case Study by ConocoPhillips

- Jan Willem Achterberg, CoP, Erik Hochweller, Kadme, Ronald Jacobsen, RoQC DM
Making life easier by automating data management processes - Automated Sync with DISKOS & NPD of Well Headers directly in Petrel.

09:30  Data Challenges on the road to Data Driven Asset Performance
- Nazih Marzouqy, DDAP’s Data Steward, TOTAL Digital Industry

10:30  Automatic loading of production data into Coviz software
- Robert Maclean, Area Data Manager, AkerBP
To employ AkerBP’s ‘Data Liberation’ philosophy and create a fully automated workflow between production and subsurface databases.

WS Room D: Architecture & Technology

- Session Manager: Pierrick Gaudin, Total S.A.

Program Tuesday

12:30  Management of physical and digital data in YPF Argentina, in an Azure environment
- Gianluca Monachese, Director Business Development, KADME AS
An hybrid cloud solution to handle physical data stores in combination with a large digital data archive.

13:30  Total Recall
- Sarah Magdalena Birkeland, Advisor Petrophysics, Equinor
Loading files in batches automatically and populate metadata from Machine learning.

14:30  Applications of artificial intelligence in geoscience at Total : - Deep Neural Networks in seismic interpretation
- P. Stinson, Total E&P Norge AS

15:30  Ontology-driven annotation system for Geological images

- Adnan Latif, Project Manager, SIRIUS SFI, UiO

16:30  Petrel/Studio Data Management: From Consolidation to Current Working Initiatives
- Kristine Vindenes Flatråker, Robert Maclean, Area Data Manager(s), AkerBP
Looking at the consolidation of projects with the formation of AkerBP from its various origin companies and how that has evolved into the Data management practices and challenges of today. 

Program Wednesday

08:30  How to successfully realize a Digitalization Platform
 - Jarle Soland, CEO, BI Builders AS
In this presentation we will give an overview of generic experiences from digitalization projects with examples of 'best practise' from several oil companies.

09:30  New attributes in the DEA Seismic Data Model: ParentID and ChildID
- Filiz Demirel-Schlueter, Senior Project Lead for Seismic Data, DEA AG
How to specify Parent-Child relationship within one Seismic Data Model based on case studies?

10:30  Exploring use of subsurface data for well planning in Omnia
- Tone Berit Ørnskar, Researcher Digital Subsurface, Equinor
Pozo is a well planning application that runs in Omnia, Equinor’ s cloud platform. The application allows the users in well planning to combine data from different sources and elevate subsurface understanding from data integration.

WS Room F: International DM Perspectives

- Session Manager: Gunnar Sjøgren, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)

Program Tuesday

12:30  NPD’s International Activities regarding Petroleum Data Management
- Gunnar Sjøgren, NPD

13:30  African Petroleum DM Forum (APDMF)  – Sharing experience among African countries
- Kathleen Asena, National Oil Corporation, Kenya (NOCK)

14:30  Petroleum Data Management in Uganda with special focus on Crane – petroleum database
- Andrew Ochan, Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU)

15:30  Kenya, Tape transcription, scanning of national petroleum data – making of an NDR
- - Kathleen Asena, National Oil Corporation, Kenya (NOCK)

16:30  Ghana, NDR; challenges in transition from NOC to Petroleum Commission (authorities)
- Daniel Arthur, Petroleum Commission, Ghana (PCG)

Program Wednesday

09:30  Petroleum Data Management challenges in Colombia
- Camilo Rincon, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Columbia

10:30  Petroleum Data Management challenges in Brazil
- Paulo de Tarso Antunes, Agencia National de Petroleo (ANP)

Schlumberger Room B

Session Manager: Trine Kvist-Lassen and Klaus Eder, Schlumberger

Program Tuesday

12:30  Accelerating collaboration, enhancing workflows and streamlining data consumption through Webserver APIs in Petrel and Studio
- James Szczebiot, Product Champion - Studio Petrel, SLB / Ronald Jacobsen, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, RoQc
Collaboration with RocQC to showcase the power of openness connected to Diskos data.

13:30  Re-thinking NDR and Virtual Data Room solutions: the power of data-driven workflows
- Sugiarto Hartono, Information Management Principal
With data being the new oil, data-driven workflows are the key and crucial parts on the NDR and Virtual Data Room solutions.

14:30  Bringing analog field data into your digital E&P world: A prototype case study from Svalbard exploring analog data use in Exploration, Reservoir characterization and virtual training
- Pierre Le Guern, Reservoir Characterization Program Manager

Using analog field data such as drone data to improve an E&P company’s chance of success in exploration or field development, by storing and managing the data in a live ecosystem. These data can be contextualized for exploration workflows, interpreted using automated tools for improved reservoir characterization – as well as using the data acquired by a company to train their geoscientist on their own analog data through a managed training system.

15:30  The UK National Data Repository
- Michael Smith, Solutions Architect - Information Management
An overview of the technical design and development activities, including highlights and challenges encountered, leading to the release and launch of the UK NDR in March 2019.

16:30  Helping an Industry manage their data access to increase engagement and improve collaboration through an open microservice architecture
- Reishin Toolsi, DELFI Openness Product Champion
An overview of the DELFI Developer portal where we will focus on data ecosystem API and security

Program Wednesday

08:30  GAIA - Building a digital subsurface platform
- Ranadeep Mukherjee, Exploration Data Discovery Architect
Experiences of building a unified data discovery platform. We'll look into the approach for bringing data and technology together into a data discovery based approach to exploration.

09:30  Fact Extraction: Enabling Equinor to extract information from unstructured data
- Øyvind Ørnes, Equinor, Leader Data management, Equinor ASA
In the current E&P business environment being able to react and target opportunities in a very competitive market is critical.

10:30  Convenience tools to Interrogate, Investigate & Innovate with a scalable and open data ecosystem
- Reishin Toolsi, DELFI Openness Product Champion
A cursory overview of the tools and services that encourages cross domain data access. We will also show how the use open standards are easily compatible with third party tools and have now a lot of freedom in development environment options and tools.

Halliburton-Landmark Room H

- Session Manager: Brit Berg


The 4 sessions on tuesday starting 12:30 - 13:30 - 14:30 - 1530 will be in a form of interactive sessions. For each session there will be 3 Digital Stations you can choose to join. The 3 stations or 'tables' will discuss different themes.  Please find more details here.


Digital Station Theme 1:  E&P Data Science: From POC to production
- Welton Souza; EESSA Data Science Team Lead
The challenges faced by E&P with respect to data science solutions are many. The industry still needs more efficient processes and workflows across the upstream oil and gas lifecycle, a higher degree of ‘real-time’ actionable insights and a consolidation of data rather than data silos, data lakes and remote data stores. With all those challenges, it might be hard or even impossible to move from data science POC to a production environment. This session highlights with real examples how Landmark address those challenges and creates scalable, managed, maintained, and monitored data science solutions.


Digital Station Theme 2:  End-to-End integration with the E&P industry's most complete and open Enterprise Platform - Find relevant information faster & activate the mobile enterprise
- Andrea Gallagher; Technical Sales Advisor - IMPT
Landmark provides a single platform used by applications from seismic to production. Built on industry standard components already in use by many companies, the multi-tiered DecisionSpace Platform quickly integrates applications and databases across the organization.


Digital Station Theme 3:  Applying a Data Approach for More Efficient and Effective Well Construction - Tony Iskandar; Technical Sales Advisor - D&C
Digitalization and using the most of the data in well Construction are shifting the industry to the next level by optimally using the lessons learned from data and digitalizing workflows to create a lifecycle solution in well planning design and execution. This is known as the Well Construction 4.0 which  connects various elements in the process into a cohesive workflow where wells are planned effectively and delivered with higher efficiency.

Program Tuesday

12:30  DIGITAL STATIONS - Choose which theme to follow


Digital Station Theme 1:  E&P Data Science: From POC to production
- Welton Souza; EESSA Data Science Team Lead

Digital Station Theme 2:  End-to-End integration with the E&P industry's most complete and open Enterprise Platform - Find relevant information faster & activate the mobile enterprise
- Andrea Gallagher; Technical Sales Advisor - IMPT

Digital Station Theme 3:  Applying a Data Approach for More Efficient and Effective Well Construction - Tony Iskandar; Technical Sales Advisor - D&C

13:30  DIGITAL STATIONS - See 12:30 above and choose which theme to follow

14:30  DIGITAL STATIONS - See 12:30 above and choose which theme to follow

15:30  DIGITAL STATIONS - See 12:30 above and choose which theme to follow

16:30  DQ Tool implementations towards the journey of proper managing petro-chemicals data
- Tony Iskandar;  Technical Sales Advisor - D&C

Data quality concerns in the O&G sector are seen to cost millions of dollars of losses if not treated properly. Integration of data quality tools to evaluate the data profiling quickly, whilst fixing some data automatically is proven with multiple case studies to provide important significant benefits to operators.

Program Wednesday

09:30  Digital Transformation of the NDR:  From National Data Repository to National Digital Resource
- Dale Blue, Senior Manager - Global Digital Services
Transforming the NDR into a modern, streamlined, and fully integrated solution will lead to numerous opportunities.  By implementing a cloud-based resource with automated workflows and data-on-demand capabilities, the NDR can provide advanced AI/ML based insights as well as many other benefits.

10:30  Product Update - DecisionSpace®365
- Amanda Smith; Product Manager - IMPT
This session will cover the latest advances in our DecisionSpace®365 Data Foundation and how we are leveraging the DecisionSpace®365 Integration Foundation for hybrid cloud deployments leveraging cloud services to deliver solutions faster.








































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