ECIM 2022 - 12th. to 15th. September in Haugesund

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- A 25th anniversary waiting to be celebrated



Paper Submission - Call for Paper



Invitation to submit papers for the 25th ECIM International E&P Data and Information Management Conference and User Meeting 12-14 September 2022, in Haugesund, Norway.


This annual DM Conference and User Meeting is the most important event of its kind in Europe.

In a quarter century of conferences, ECIM presenters have shared their experiences on data management during upturns and downturns of the industry. Now we ask you to share your experiences in how data managers are responding today to our industry’s next big challenges - how are we adapting to agile ways of working, new data and digital technologies, machine learning, and analytics, while also preparing ourselves for the world-wide energy transition. Are E&P data and Data Managers ready for this? What should we do today to be ready for tomorrow?

We encourage you to submit papers about ‘real life’ examples, lesson learnt, best practices, use cases, success stories, learnings methodology, plans and trends in the areas such as;


  • ‘Analytics-ready’ data - how much of our data is actually ‘analytics ready’ - What are the challenges and obstacles you face in getting data ready for analytics - What does ‘machine readable’ actually mean?
  • Dark Data - Most of our data is still stucked away in offline storages and inaccessible. Is it garbage or valuable - Is it worth paying the storage costs - Should we just decommission our dark data?
  • Data Integration and Agility - real time, data driven operations demand new integrated data, timeliness and agility to act on data quickly. What new demands have you seen on E&P Data Managers for this?
  • Data Sharing Trends - Projects like OSDU are strong drivers for Open Data, Data Sharing and Transparency in the E&P industry. How does this increased openness affect data managers, and data management - Are data managers an enabler for success in an open data world?
  • Data Automation - E&P workflows have for many years been challenged to be difficult to automate. Do tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) help - Or should we focus on OSDU - How can we up our game here?
  • Data Management Professionals - what is the future competence and workflows of a ‘Petroleum Data Manager’ - Does expertise in E&P Data Management enable you to work across all energy industries, including new energy?
  • Data Integration and GIS - Everyone thrives on connected data. In order to generate new knowledge based on these data we have to combine different data sources. Share your experiences and challenges from a Data Manager’s perspective.
  • Geomatics on the Move - Nothing on the surface of the Earth is fixed. In a dynamic CRS coordinates change with time and beginning to impact on  the accuracy of geospatial data. Has or will this affect the way you work with geomatic and spatial data?
  • Security of Data-driven Systems - How do we ensure security, entitlements and access control, in an increasingly hostile cyber environment?
  • Changing NDRs - What is happening in digital reporting to the Authorities, and how are solutions like Diskos adapting to a changing world - Is this change fast enough to meet industry needs?

(Program Committee 2020)


Please use this Speaker Form (Word doc) and write a short description or an abstract of what you would like to present. Include your contact information and send this to us by May 1st 2022 to email:

We appreciate your participation and contribution of papers, as well as your help in encouraging others to write and present papers.
For more information please contact Reidar Kalvig on email: or tel: (+47) 91615866.


Please note that all ECIM activities are run on a non-profit basis.  Conference and workshop speakers (and committee members and session managers) are therefore asked to register and to attend the conference under the same terms and conditions that apply to all other participants.


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