ECIM'2014 - 15th. to 17th. September in Haugesund


Social Professional Program


Kadme Boat Sightseeing


KADME invites ECIM participants on a cruise to the island of Røvær. We will visit the Røvær Kulturhotel, eat, drink and socialize. It's a social and cultural opportunity not to be missed!
You need to arrive in Haugesund early on 15 September to take part!

Departure from the Rica Maritim Hotel at 12:40 returning to Haugesund at 16:00. Please bring clothes that will keep you warm and dry ? just in case! Spaces are limited, so sign up with your early ECIM registration. Contact
:, or tel. +47 6128 7320 with questions/dietary restrictions.





IronMountain Golf Tournament


We welcome you to the Iron Mountain Golf Tournament on Monday the 15th September, at Haugaland Golf Club. Registration for the tournament is via conference registration form.


The tournament form will be Texas scramble and Shot gun start at 12:00hrs.


You are welcome to arrive at the site anytime you want, but deadline for participation is 11:45.




The programme for the day will start at 11:00 and includes:



-Hand our of golf balls and other accessorise

-Hand out of food and refreshments to bring along during the play (there will also be possibility to refill after the 9th hole)

-Warm up at the driving range

-Coffee will be served


We welcome you and look forward to an exiting day of golf with you


Link to Haugaland Golf Club:


Link to weather forecast:


For any questions re the golf tournament, please contact Tore Joa.






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