Questionaire - ECIM IME Work Group

ECIM is interested in your feedback on how we can be of more help to your organization on Information Management issues.

ECIM was established with a mission of promoting and contributing to best practices for Data and Information Management in the E&P Industry.  As a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization, ECIM can initiate and facilitate collaborative projects and information sharing across companies and organisations, to the benefit of the industry as a whole. 
Today, ECIM is primarily delivering the following Information Management services to the E&P industry:  Benchmarking Project and The Annual Conference in Haugesund.

Please indicate how interested your organization would be in each of the offerings.  If you think of something else we haven't mentioned that you would like ECIM to do, please write it in the 'We would also be interested in' space.
If any question please call any of the memebers of the IME Work Group or ECIM administration (+47 91615866) or you can email us. 

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ECIM IME Work Group


Potential Offering

Not at all
Not very likely
Quite likely
Very likely
Seminars on specialist IM topics
Workshops on practical solutions to current IM problems and challenges
Facilitate Networking meetings or Special Interest Groups
Provide access to "best practice" reports and other IM related information from the industry
Act as facilitator (neutral legal entity) on behalf of the industry to run projects in areas such as benchmarking, certification, methodologies, training and education
Provide a way to become "recognized" or "chartered" as an IM Professional (an experience based qualification)
Maintain a list of Information Management courses and training resources that are of special relevance to E&P IM Professionals
Develop and maintain a list of skills / competences that are required for the various disciplines of E&P Data and Information Management Professionals
How likely are you to attend a seminar/workshop in Stavanger?
How likely are you to attend a seminar/workshop in Aberdeen?
Organization / Company Name:
We would also be interested in ECIM providing the following Services
Other comments to ECIM:
I would be happy for someone from ECIM to call me to discuss: YES NO
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